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After School Sports and Arts Initiative (ASSAI)

Brent Kennedy will be running an After School Sport and Art Initiative (ASSAI) program for those students who take the four late buses arriving after 2:45 pm. Late buses include the Panda, Eagle, Late Lizard and Late Elephant routes.

The Program will begin after the 2:35 dismissal bell and will run until 3:35 or until the last bus arrives for pickup.

All students who ride these four late buses will partake in this after-school programming. This will provide these students with an opportunity to engage in a variety of art and sport programming before their late bus arrival. Topics of the program will vary throughout the year but will offer a variety of painting, drawing and art classes, as well as sport and game programs both inside and outside and will be planned in accordance with weather and seasonal changes.

Please contact the school if you have more questions about this program.

Program Details

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