Welcome Back - What's Happening In January?

Another New Year begins - I would like to extend a warm welcome back and Happy New Year to all families.  May this year bring good health, joy, peace and harmony, and success in all that you strive to do and achieve. We thank you for your caring support and partnership in working together with your children.  Much like you do at home, at our home at Brent Kennedy School, we will also take the time to reflect by talking about the values and beliefs we have about learning and how we ALL contribute to creating a safe and caring environment by treating each other with kindness and respect. 

While the holidays can be wonderful and rejuvenating, we also know the anxiety and stress that the holidays can also bring for a variety of reasons.  I think it important to also take the time to acknowledge that some members of our community have been affected by loss. Our heartfelt condolences go out to you and your families.  Please know that we as a school and broader community are there to support you and "hold you up" in your time of need.      

Reminders to close off the year and a look ahead to 2019:

Launch of New School Website
We were excited to see our new website go live before the school holidays.  Please use the website as your first point of contact to keep up to date with what is happening at Brent Kennedy School.  The goal is to eventually migrate all of content that would typically be found in a newsletter type of publication to the website.  The website is intended to provide timely and relevant information for parents and our community.  Information that is classroom specific will continue to be forwarded home by teachers directly and/or by email through the office.  

Unfortunately, paper-mail shuttled home from school by kids is not a reliant and effective means of communication. 

Winter Concert
Our school concert on December 20 were a huge success.  I am proud of all of the hard work that students and staff put in to making the concert successful.  We appreciate your excitement and attendance as it validates all of the work that goes into the show.  The impromptu fire drill was a reminder that for future community gatherings - we should always take the time to review emergency procedures! Thank you for your patience and support during this learning experience for us. 

Keeping our Environment Safe & Comfortable
Our custodians and maintenance staff have done an excellent job of making our school look great for our return. To acknowledge our appreciation and to make a commitment to do our part, we remind each other to: 

  • remove our outdoor shoes and boots on the mats at all school entrances
  • keep our shoes, boots, coats and other winter clothes on our hooks and shelves
  • place garbage in the appropriate containers
  • "pack out what you pack in" - take home and recycle as much as we can
  • keep a water bottle at school and cutlery in your lunch container (we are unable to provide cups or cutlery)
  • report any spills or damage to school facilities to a staff member 

Winter Fun - Dress for the Conditions
With all the new snow, students will be excited to begin sliding again.  Students are permitted to slide only if they are dressed for the winter conditions. This includes jackets, snow pants, gloves/mitts/toques, and boots. A change of socks and/or clothes is also handy!  The school does have a supply of "sliders" and parents are asked NOT to send their children with items from home for sliding.     

Welcome to Our Visiting International Students
We will be hosting international students in three of our four intermediate classrooms during in the winter term from January to March. Welcome to Min, Taewoo, and Jiwoo - joining us from Korea.  

One-To-One Reading Program
We are excited to be working with CBAL (Community Alliance for Literacy) to launch a one-to-one reading program starting in January for 10 weeks.  Program volunteers will work with our emerging readers to provide additional reading time to boost reading confidence and fluency.  The program has shown great success in other schools in our district; we look forward to working with our community volunteers.    

Winter Activities
The annual Winter Activity program will begin on Wednesday, January 12 for four weeks.  A program flyer will be coming home the week of the January 7 - 11 with specific details and costs. 

Home-School Communication and Contact
You are encouraged to reach out at any time to meet with your child’s teacher(s), or myself, to discuss your child’s needs and/or educational program. Please drop by to see us, or we can be reached by phone or email.  Please see our staff directory HERE for email contact information. 

Once again, welcome back.  We look forward to a healthy and happy New Year with your children!

All the best,
Shellie Maloff 


“Make each day your masterpiece! Live the story you want to tell the world.”
~ John Wooden