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Dear Kindergarten Families of 2020!  

We look forward to meeting and connecting with you soon!  It is very disappointing to all of us that our circumstances this spring prevent us from scheduling school visits in May and June in preparation for your child's start of school in the fall.  Although we might not have the opportunity to physically meet and connect, please know that we are thinking of your child and you as family and are preparing for learning in the September.  

The Ministry of Education has not yet announced the details of what school start up will look like for this upcoming school year  We will continue to keep you informed by way of email and our school website. Some families are contemplating delaying the start of Kindergarten or are inquiring about home schooling.  Our guidance to you is to remain enrolled in Kindergarten with us and in the fall we will work together to plan a school transition when we have more information.   

If you have not already dropped by the school to pick up a "Welcome to Kindergarten" home learning bag, we encourage you to use the link available HERE to schedule a convenient time to pick one up.   Our teachers have put together a welcome bag of supplies to build curiosity about school and to engage your child in creative learning opportunities at home.  

Finally, our teachers and new Principal have prepared some information about Kindergarten to help you and your child prepare for the fall. Please see the information attached below.  If you are yet to register your child for Kindergarten 2020/21, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible please.  Registration information can be accessed HERE.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy summer,

Shellie Maloff | Principal,
Brent Kennedy Elementary School
Email:  smaloff@sd8.bc.ca 



Multi-age/Multi-Year Classroom

Multi-Age / Multi-Year Classroom - Parent Statement of Interest

If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity for your child, please complete the "Statement of Interest" available >>> HERE to be considered as part of the intake process.  

Mrs. Koorbatoff, Ms. Long and school administration will be reviewing applications before the school year ends.  You will be notified by June 25 if this exciting opportunity is the right fit for your child. 

Parent Volunteers

We want to acknowledge our appreciation for the countless hours of support provided by our parent and community volunteers.  We have many volunteers helping with learning activities in the classroom, hotlunch, PAC, extra-curricular opportunities like basketball and track, winter activities, swim program ... the list goes on.  The richness of our experiences comes from the time and care that our volunteers give so selflessly.

Before taking on the role of a volunteer, it is important that we support you in familiarizing yourself with our District Code of Conduct, SD8 Communication protocols, our school safety drill procedures, handling difficult situations that might arise in the classroom, as well as social media and the privacy issues related to sharing pictures of children other than your own.  To raise our collective awareness about our shared responsibilities when it comes to the physical and social and emotional safety of our children, we will be introducing this new practice in that is aligned with the expectations of our District policies and safe schools procedures.  


Our kids understand that the role of the Principal is to help them learn and to keep them safe; therefore, I am very mindful about the various layers of safety that I am responsible for.  This not only applies to the safety of students but also the safety of staff, parents and community in our building and when we are out in the community.   I encourage that you view the Volunteer Information/Application Package from this perspective.

I am open to respectful feedback either by phone, email or face to face conversations.  It is understandable that is might feel uncomfortable and perhaps unnecessary; I ask that you respond in a way that allows for your concerns and feedback to be heard and understood.  My intention is not to deter volunteers, but to encourage volunteers to step forward with the understanding that greater care needs to go into preparing and supporting you and our learners in having a positive experience.  

Our mission at Brent Kennedy is to "provide a safe, cooperative environment in which success can be achieved by all.  We respect and care for ourselves, each other, and our environment."  Please accept this invitation to join us in a volunteer capacity at Brent Kennedy School to create an environment in which we can all feel successful.

Please see below the Volunteer Welcome Letter and Package. 



Shellie Maloff | Principal
Brent Kennedy Elementary School



StrongStart is a free early learning program for pre-school children 0 – 5 years old and their parents, grandparents or caregivers. Come to enjoy gym time, free play, circle time with songs, stories and crafts provided during each session. Snack, tea and coffee free to everyone.

StrongStart is a program that offers today’s families an opportunity to provide their young children with problem-solving skills and the social skills that will help them successfully manage in school or within the community.  The time participating in a StrongStart program is a wonderful way to begin introducing your child to your neighborhood school community.

You can now register for StrongStart online, or speak to the facilitator for more options when you arrive.

Register Today!


Bus Schedule

2:40 pm LIZARD (route#30)

2:40 pm WHALE (route #26)

2:40 pm DUCK (route #27)

2:40 pm ELEPHANT (route #28)

3:00 pm PANDA (route #25)

3:00 pm EAGLE (route #29)

3:10 pm ELEPHANT (route #28)

PAC Popcorn Day

Popcorn Day will be the first Monday of each month. Pay as you go or preorder online and pay until Christmas.

The cost is 50 cents per bag, and there is a limit of two bags per student.

Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch is offered every Thursday.

Please go to brentkennedy.hotlunches.net to place your order. All students must re-register prior to ordering!! Registration code: BKHL

Be sure to send payment to school before the order date to ensure your child receives their lunch. Make cheques payable to Brent Kennedy PAC. To avoid any misapplication, all payments must be accompanied by a note that clearly states your child’s name and class. Remember: all hot lunch orders must be in no later than 8 days prior to the date of delivery.

If you are having any trouble please contact the Hot Lunch Committee at bkhotlunch@gmail.com. If you require financial assistance with hot lunch please contact Ms. Maloff @ 250-359-7292 to discuss options.

Please note our District draft policy 430 states: The Principal will receive and deal with all requests for support and consideration. In doing so, the Principal will consider the following options:

4.5.1. deferred payment
4.5.2. payment over time
4.5.3. partial waiver
4.5.4. full waiver.

Nut Aware School

At Brent Kennedy Elementary, we do have children who have allergies to nuts and we are doing our best to keep them safe. We provide a Nut Aware school enviovment and have procedures in place to assist a child should they have a reaction. This is part of the School District's policy 240 on Anaphylaxis.

Really it is a shared responsibility of the entire school community to provide this safe environment. Parents and guardians of our students are asked to respond cooperatively by not having their child bring nuts to school. 

We know this can be hard for some, as peanut butter and jam is a favourite amongst many. We do however ask that you refrain from sending these to school, as it could put another student at risk. There are some alternatives such as 'Wow Butter' which seems to taste similar to peanut butter. It is best to just not bring any nuts or candy with nuts in them to school. We appreciate your cooperation. 

Parent Advisory Council

The Brent Kennedy Elementary school's Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meets the first week of every month in the library at 6:15. 

PAC is involved in fundraising, hot lunch preparation, popcorn days, the Fall Fair, the Children's Market and several other projects. All parents are welcome to take part in their child's educational experience. 

Visit the Brent Kennedy PAC Website or contact the PAC directly at pacbrentkennedy@gmail.com