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Principal's Blog for October 30


Good Afternoon BK Families!

You should have received our next fundraising brochure for Christmas poinsettias and Purdy’s Chocolates.  A big thanks in advance to our amazing PAC for organizing this rather large endeavour!  If you have any questions, please contact the PAC directly.

The School Leadership team has begun their duties within the school. We now have students helping in the office, under adult supervision, and we completed our first school-wide activity on Friday.  Groups of students came together with their student leaders to complete a poster project with the name of their group. All students participated in a meaningful way and our student leadership team did a great job of keeping their group on task.  We meet every Wednesday at lunch hour. 

This week we will be talking about next month’s project as well as plan a spirit day for November. Today we celebrated September and October birthdays at our monthly assembly.  Special thanks to Liam for reading the territorial acknowledgement.

A reminder for Halloween tomorrow: All costumes must:

  • Be respectful of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, physical or mental ability, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression 
  • Cover the body appropriately Not include guns, knives, or other weapons (including play weapons)
  • Not include blood and gore Not advertise or promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, or intimidation
  • No inappropriate or scary masks. Teachers may ask that masks be removed during instructional time.   

In addition, all behavior while in costume must be aligned with the school’s Code of Conduct. If you are not sure your costume meets the above criteria, please speak with your classroom teacher, or me, ahead of time.  

Last week, Grade 4 students started FSAs. This Friday, students will be completing the online numeracy portion. We did a sample assessment today as a group, so the students know what to expect when they do the test on their own.   

I am waiting to hear confirmation on our Criminal Record Check process.  We already have an account but because there was a change in administration, an updated form needed to be completed. Once I have received clearance, parents will be able to do the record online for free.  I will keep you posted with any further developments. 

Jenn Kooznetsoff, Principal,
Brent Kennedy Elementary