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Principal's Weekly Update! June 17-21 2024


Brent Kennedy Elementary School

Parent and Family Weekly Update 

June 17-21


Hello all Brent Kennedy parents, families and caregivers,

Big thank you to the Brent Kennedy PAC and Kalesnikoff lumber for their generosity in supplying Mr. McRann’s grade 5/6 class with the funds and materials needed for their awesome woodworking project. A picture of their trebuchet launchers is featured in this weeks newsletter. Also featured here, is the truck model woodworking project of Mrs. Johnson's grade 5/6 class, supported as well by the PAC. These woodworking projects were robust, hands-on learning activities that engaged all students, and offered cross curricular academic opportunities ranging from science and math to social studies. Students were also able to hone their skills in the areas of teamwork and collaboration. 

Also, thank you to the Brent Kennedy PAC for supporting the kindergarten class with their “Build-A-Buddy” woodworking project and their live caterpillars for a kindergarten science lesson. Both projects were big hits for the kindies, and involved a lot of problem solving, critical thinking and creativity! A picture of the Build A Buddy is also featured here in this newsletter. 

The grade 6 graduating class attended Kokanee Creek Park this past week as a year end celebration. The weather turned out to be just perfect for them that day, and students came off the bus with so many smiles and stories to share. There will be a year end ceremony for the grade 6 students and their families on June 24th

Thank you to all families for your continued support, communication and feedback. 😊

Please see below for some new announcements for parents and students. 

Announcements for Parents 

  • Please look at the lost and found items in the school before June 26th. Any lost and found left after the last day of school will be donated to Positive Apparel.
  • Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions regarding year end field trip details.


Announcements for Students 

  • Reminder for students to keep cell phones at home during the school day, or zipped inside of their backpack. 
  • Please get your bus pass from the office before 2:00 each day.
  • Ice is for injuries. Please do not ask for ice unless you are injured. Return your ice pack to the office once you have finished with it. 


Still Out There


  • Please make sure that students are not coming to school with water guns or similar toys. Please save these toys for after school play 😊
  • AP 4211 Scent Considerate Environment.pdf ( – Please Review this document on scent considerate environments. 
  • Back parking lot à please leave ample space between cement barriers for cars coming in and out of the lot.
  • Please keep dogs on a leash and away from playground and bussing areas, as this could raise a safety concern for our families with unfamiliar dogs on the playground and bus pick up areas. Thank you.
  • When sending a note to the office with your child, please include as much information as possible.
    • Ex. If your child is taking the bus with another student, include bus name, other child’s full name, reason, etc. 
  • Please be sure to call or email the school office to report and absence or late arrival of a student.


This Week and Coming Up:

June 20 : Kindergarten Graduation @ 1:30 pm

June 24 : Grade 6 Graduation @ 1:00 in the gym à Parent invites have been sent.

June 25 : Fun Day (afternoon)

June 26: Report Cards posted to parent portal via MyEd. BC

June 26 : Last day of classes (11:30 am Dismissal)


Thank you and have a great week!


Ms. Klassen 


Brent Kennedy Elementary School