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Principal's Weekly Update! May 6 - May 10 2024

BKE Kindergarten Class engaging in outdoor learning at the outdoor classroom in the forest area of the school.

Brent Kennedy Elementary School

Parent and Family Weekly Update 

May 6 – May 10


Hello all Brent Kennedy parents, families and caregivers,

Thank you to all of the families who came to the school for parent conferences and open house events during the informal reporting period in April! It was great to see so many families and students celebrating their learning together. 

Starting May 6th, we will begin with a new process at the school called the “Golden Ticket”. The Golden Ticket is similar to what some schools may call a hall pass or office pass. If a student needs to visit the office during class time, teachers will give the student a Golden Ticket, which will indicate the reason for their office visit, whether it be for a break, to get food or snack, illness, behavior check-in or other reason. This system has proven to be successful in other school contexts to ensure that students are accounted for and are also accountable for their needs in visiting the office. The Golden Ticket was introduced to students at the school birthday celebration assembly on Friday of last week. 

As indicated at the school celebration assembly last week, I would like to thank all students of Brent Kennedy for working hard to help create a culture of care, kindness and respect towards themselves, others and the school environment. I have seen so many wonderful examples recently of students being kind to one another, and growing in their resiliency during challenging situations. As we enter the last several weeks of the school year, I will continue to encourage all students to carry out their days in a calm, caring and joyful way, while leaning on the adults around them to help practice resiliency and respect. 

Announcements for parents and students are below, as well as information around upcoming dates. 

Announcements for Parents 

Announcements for Students 

  • Reminder to not throw rocks and pinecones please. This is to keep all the children safe. 
  • The forest area is off limits to students before and after school. 
  • Students who take the bus after school are to please remain in the front of the school to wait for their bus. Students who remain after departure of the Lizard and Panda busses will be taken to the playground or gym to wait for the late busses.

Still Out There

  • School Volunteer Package and Information
  • After School Supervision à We provide supervision for bus students at the front entrance of the school under the covered area. Students who are not waiting for the bus or a ride home are to please leave school property when the bell rings. Our supervision is only for the entrance bussing area.
  • Please be sure to call or email the school office to report and absence or late arrival of a student.
  • Bussing registration for next year is OPEN. Please register before June 15th


This Week and Coming Up:

May 8 : Author Visit (all classes)

May 10: BKE vs WES Basketball Game @ 11:20

May 15 : Colors of Brazil Art and Dance Performance @ 1:30 in the gym 

May 16: Talent Show @ 1:00 in the gym

May 17 : Grade 6 Immunizations in the library (morning) 

May 23 and 31 : Welcome to Kindergarten Event

June 3 : School Learning Tour @ Winlaw Elementary 


Thank you and have a great week!

Ms. Klassen 

Interim Principal

Brent Kennedy Elementary School