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Hot Lunch is offered every Thursday.

Please go to to place your order. All students must re-register prior to ordering!! Registration code: BKHL

Be sure to send payment to school before the order date to ensure your child receives their lunch. Make cheques payable to Brent Kennedy PAC. To avoid any misapplication, all payments must be accompanied by a note that clearly states your child’s name and class. Remember: all hot lunch orders must be in no later than 8 days prior to the date of delivery.

If you are having any trouble please contact the Hot Lunch Committee at If you require financial assistance with hot lunch please contact  @ 250-359-7292 to discuss options.

Please note our District draft policy 430 states: The Principal will receive and deal with all requests for support and consideration. In doing so, the Principal will consider the following options:

4.5.1. deferred payment
4.5.2. payment over time
4.5.3. partial waiver
4.5.4. full waiver.